“Julie is one of the best creative professionals I’ve worked with. She is exceptionally talented and smart. In her career, she has done a wide variety of different creative jobs. If she’s thrown into a job for which she hasn’t had direct experience, she manages not only to figure out how to do but to create results like someone who has been doing it for years. And she does it fast. It all speaks to Julie’s intelligence and spot-on creative instincts. I have always had the highest regard for her abilities and professionalism.”
Linda Wallace, Creative Director of Internet Selling Content at Nordstrom Direct

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Julie Notarianni on Local Living garden cover stories with The Washington Post. These projects required illustrations, which she pulled off beautifully. She is a consummate professional who offers spot-on creative solutions and takes direction with ease. I can’t recommend her enough!”
Tippi Thole, Art Director at The Washington Post

“Julie has worked on illustration projects for gardening-related cover stories for the Local Living section of The Washington Post and has consistently excelled. Her visual aesthetic is stunning and emotive. Just as impressively, her attention to detail is exacting (which was a great boon for our stories where very particular species of plants were being shown.).  Each project, I knew that I could rest easy with Julie on the case. She was very communicative during the initial sketch process and I appreciated our back-and-forth. Where tweaks or additions were needed, she handled them gracefully to help each story reach its best potential. For her engaging and thoughtful illustration style, friendliness, speed and care, I can not recommend Julie highly enough.”
Allison Ghaman, Art Director at The Washington Post, Express

“Julie is an extremely talented and capable illustrator. Two exhibitions at the Museum of History & Industry, have benefited from her artwork–the temporary traveling exhibit “Blue vs. Gray” and our core history exhibit, “Essential Seattle.” Not only is she skillful with a paintbrush, but Julie also has the special talent to make a little-known, unphotographed or illustrated historical episode come alive with her imagery. On both of our projects, she did a great job of using both the historical research we provided, and of using her own valuable research to supplement it. Julie is a very nice person to work with, and my colleagues and I hope an opportunity soon arises to work with her again.”
Julianne Kidder, Exhibit Designer at Museum of History and Industry

“Julie has illustrated articles for our magazine for the past few years. She’s a highly intuitive conceptual artist, quick with sketches and brainstorming. Her style — rich watercolor to diverse multimedia illustrations — has been perfect for some of our more difficult to illustrate articles. For an essay from a dying woman Julie was able to capture the woman’s light-hearted spirit within her sad story. Her drawings, especially of people, are magical. For an article about an Italian man’s memories of food, she was able to conjure his childhood scenes. She is professional, fast, and easy to work with”
Tracy Loeffelholz Dunn, Editorial Director at YES! Magazine

“Julie is creative, collaborative and eager to do good work. The beauty of her illustrations reflects a kind of inner beauty — a graciousness that makes her a joy to work with.”
Kathy Triesch, Magazine Associate Editor at The Seattle Times

“I first worked as colleague of Julie’s at Seattle Times and have since hired her to do design and illustration for website at not-for-profit agency. Her original artwork is stunning. She is professional and very easy to work with. Her prices are competitive and she is tirelessly willing to work with me over annoyingly small details. One of the best vendors/artists I have worked with in past 20 years. I recommend her without caveat.”
Kimberly Hartnett, Communications Manager at CODA, Inc

“Julie is a highly talented artist and designer. She is very innovative and has a great ability to follow a project through from concept to final. She works very well with groups.”
Susan Jouflas, Art Director at The Seattle Times