Medicine Wheel Print

The Medicine Wheel is a framework for communities and individuals that seek transformation. As we seek wholeness, we need to attend to our bodies, minds, hearts, and Spirits. Each direction of the Medicine Wheel has gifts to offer. Many indigenous traditions have unique frameworks for the Medicine Wheel. Published in YES! Magazine 2015. Please contact for pricing and delivery.

Size is 20″” x 20″ open. Printed on matte cover stock.

Medicine Wheel

Illustration by Julie Notarianni

2014 Signed Limited Edition Calendar

As we look forward to the promise of the coming New Year…my hope is that each month is filled with colorful days and to celebrate such moments I have created a Signed Limited Edition 2014 Calendar featuring watercolor inspirations from the Pacific Northwest. It includes a cover plus six illustrations with two calendar months for each illustration. Below is a sample of the calendar images depicting the seasons and a peek at the inside calendar design for September – October. Printing courtesy of Sun Press Printing. Wishing you a bright future : ) Thanks. Julie

Size is 12.5″ x 30″ open. Printed on heavy velvet cover stock.

2014 Calendar by Julie Notarianni

2014 Calendar
by Julie Notarianni

Quantity: Shipping Included. Delivered by Mid December